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Longing to meet Him :)
Saturday, April 5, 2014 | 0 Comments


Allah s.w.t created you.. to long for Him.
Allah created you.. to desire Him.
Allah created you.. for one moment.. and one moment only.
And that moment is the day when you will meet Allah s.w.t

You know what, there's this one man. He drove along a road with no cars, no people. And suddenly he stopped. He gets out of the car. He walks and does something. And then he comes back into the car. His friends were wondering why does he stopped. There's no reason for him to stop. No one crossed by.  They asked him, "Ya akh, why is that all about? What did you just do?" He said, "You know, Allah Messenger s.a.w, he tells us, that the lowest form of Imaan is to remove something harmful from the pathway." In his hand, he held a glass of bottle.

Subhanallah. What if someone gets injured while stepping on it. What if due the heat of the sun, it explodes and like pops a tyre or something of that nature.

He said, "You know, the greatest moment in our lives, what we hoped for is that meeting with Allah s.w.t. And you never know what that deed is that will allow you one extra second, one extra minute, one extra hour to look at the beautiful face of Allah. And for you to express yourself at that time, that 'Oh Allah, I struggled in this world for your sake, Oh Allah, I held onto this deen while like hot coals for your sake, Oh Allah, I sacrificed, I lived and I died for your sake.' And Allah s.w.t being As-shakur, The One who appreciates, He will say, 'Oh my slave, for you is this paradise and everything else that your heart covets and desires'."

Allahu, that is Allah. Long to meet Him and He will long to meet you.